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*No deduction if Ordering Food

  • Daniel Pillai
    Daniel Pillai


  • Daniel Pillai
    Daniel Pillai

    Take care of South Indians in Nagaland huh.

  • Daniel Pillai
    Daniel Pillai

    Saint Thomas the Disciple of Jesus Christ is Respected.

  • Daniel Pillai
    Daniel Pillai


  • Daniel Pillai
    Daniel Pillai

    Father Pillai but Father Hohn Timung or Terang is Respected.

  • Daniel Pillai
    Daniel Pillai

    Deputy Commissioner of Diphu Shree Anggamathu south indian lollipop

  • Daniel Pillai
    Daniel Pillai


  • Daniel Pillai
    Daniel Pillai

    Naga Indian Lady Police.👍❤️👍

  • Daniel Pillai
    Daniel Pillai

    Bamboo Engineer hut

  • Daniel Pillai
    Daniel Pillai

    Sab hut

  • Daniel Pillai
    Daniel Pillai

    Pizza Hut

  • Daniel Pillai
    Daniel Pillai

    Recharge Rs.199 by Victor Hau Zeliang for for a Recharge for a Friend Jio App.

  • Daniel Pillai
    Daniel Pillai

    Assam Rifles in collaboration with British London Terang Army

  • Daniel Pillai
    Daniel Pillai

    Naga Foreigner

  • Daniel Pillai
    Daniel Pillai

    Anti- Indian Government

  • Daniel Pillai
    Daniel Pillai

    Nagaland State Police

  • Daniel Pillai
    Daniel Pillai

    Shannon Kachari Loong's hostel

  • Daniel Pillai
    Daniel Pillai

    Christy Kachari

  • Daniel Pillai
    Daniel Pillai


  • Thansing Zingkhai
    Thansing Zingkhai

    Is there anything to eat??? There's nothing but salt, eat if you want 😂😂😂. This reminds me of hostel life🤣.

    • #SpreadLove

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    Maikel kitnya

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    VoltCore Official

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    Swadesh Singh

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    BRAiQN🧠- Knowledge with Fun

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    DU earnings between 3 to 4 lacs monthly .

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