Bigg Boss S14 | बिग बॉस S14 | The Winner Of Bigg Boss Season 14 Is!
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Salman holds the hands of Rubina and Rahul and makes them very tense by lifting their hands up one after the other before announcing the winner of Bigg Boss season 14.
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Imagine spending a 100 plus days trapped in a house rigged with cameras, which track your every move! What makes it worse? Your housemates are out to get you every hour of every day. Watch the Indian edition of the biggest international reality show in the world where friendships, romances, fights and gossip rule the roost!
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    Rahul was the winner



  • rajashri dhaytadak
    rajashri dhaytadak

    real winner rahul vaidya hi hai

  • Zeleto

    Ye sub illuminaty hai

  • Vijay Padalkar
    Vijay Padalkar

    Always right side wins

  • Tech MAX
    Tech MAX

    I really like you

    • Zeleto

      Bro..they are illuminaty

  • Tech MAX
    Tech MAX

    Rubina delaik me apki bahut badi fan hu

  • bishnupriya das
    bishnupriya das


  • yeasmin akter
    yeasmin akter

    Hainn won the game

  • Pooja Upreti
    Pooja Upreti

    RubinaAnthem 780K

  • Pooja Upreti
    Pooja Upreti


  • Pooja Upreti
    Pooja Upreti

    Marjaneya 38M


    20 K waly sb jalkukde.... Baki jinke hadd se zyada jali hoge wo to dekhe he Nhi honge 😭😂😂😂😂

  • Aiyana team with dogs
    Aiyana team with dogs

    Mojko pata Robina win ho gi

  • Prabh BTS
    Prabh BTS

    U like more..!! -BB13.. (Likes) -BB14...(comments)

  • AK Sinha
    AK Sinha

    Rahul. My. Favourite

  • Babli BL
    Babli BL

    Bakwass show

  • Ajibur Rahman
    Ajibur Rahman


  • Amir Saleem
    Amir Saleem

    Yes rubain is best

  • Basker Lovely Quotes
    Basker Lovely Quotes

    I love her dress too much

  • Shivaraj Shetty
    Shivaraj Shetty


  • Ramjan Ali
    Ramjan Ali

    Bigg boss ke History ki Do Sherni👉 Hina khan and Rubina😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥

  • Debasmita Mohanty
    Debasmita Mohanty

    Chor Salman Khan shusant bhaiya ka pati chat lo

  • appu fan
    appu fan

    If the people disliking the video had focussed on voting, maybe their favourite would have won. Hard luck. Trophy is already in worthy hands.


    Best winner of Bigg boss 14 Rubina

  • Himanshi Thakur
    Himanshi Thakur

    Boss lady 💓

  • Himanshi Thakur
    Himanshi Thakur

    Queen 💓

  • Himanshi Thakur
    Himanshi Thakur

    😍😍sherniii won

  • Himanshi Thakur
    Himanshi Thakur


  • Himanshi Thakur
    Himanshi Thakur

    RUBINA 💓💓 lots

  • Himanshi Thakur
    Himanshi Thakur


  • Himanshi Thakur
    Himanshi Thakur


  • khadija mifta
    khadija mifta

    Best winner in BB ever #rubinadilaik

  • Uday Jagdish
    Uday Jagdish

    Bigg Boss had decided from the beginning to give the trophy to Rubina. That's why she was sent in with her husband. what a nonsense of a season this was! Even a common person can be strong with their companion alongside them throughout the season

  • Raj

    2 is just number but there was no competition between them. Rubina ran the whole show single handedly..

  • Talha

    Only salman bhaijaan

  • meenakshi sharma
    meenakshi sharma

    Remember the time when both Gauhar and Hina had predicted that Rubina Dilaik would be the winner of BB14

  • Nicky sweet
    Nicky sweet

    Most happiest moment ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😭❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍😍

  • Akella Saketh
    Akella Saketh

    Rubin is worst girl I have ever seen in my life

    • Piyu darling
      Piyu darling

      Jasmin k fan ho? 😂😂

  • Mirrorgirl stylish girl
    Mirrorgirl stylish girl

    O my God ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Riya Garg
    Riya Garg


  • Riya Garg
    Riya Garg


  • Riya Garg
    Riya Garg


  • create Frame
    create Frame


  • Khanmajgsi Magsikhan
    Khanmajgsi Magsikhan

    In bigboss 15 ashi singh and randeep rai added

  • Lavanya S
    Lavanya S

    The worst winner of Bb history is Rubina. She was such a boring and arrogant contestant who always had her husband's constant support from day 1. She was the fixed winner coz of being channel's face

  • Navjot Dhaliwal
    Navjot Dhaliwal

    Congrats Rubina

  • Monika Singh
    Monika Singh

    RUBINA 💓

  • Monika Singh
    Monika Singh


  • Monika Singh
    Monika Singh

    Queen 😍

  • Monika Singh
    Monika Singh

    Sherniii 💓

  • Monika Singh
    Monika Singh

    Boss lady 💓

  • Monika Singh
    Monika Singh

    Bestest winner 💓

  • Ritik Singh
    Ritik Singh

    Kaise bnn rha h smjha nhi😂😂😂


    Rubina's reaction is superb

  • Rita Chowdhary
    Rita Chowdhary

    Rubina is a rare combination of innocence and maturity. Innocent and pure by heart and maturity of brain.

  • Rita Chowdhary
    Rita Chowdhary

    Rubina is looking like a Disney princess straight out of the storybook 😍😍😍😍

  • Sabila Yusuf
    Sabila Yusuf

    Hainnnnn! 😂😂😂

  • meenakshi jain
    meenakshi jain

    Salman teasing Rubina😍😍

  • meenakshi jain
    meenakshi jain

    Rubina Dilaik is looking like a Disney Princess👸

  • meenakshi jain
    meenakshi jain

    Cute boss lady😍😍

  • Monwara Begum
    Monwara Begum

    Happy to see Rubina win but her dress is the most ugliest thing I've ever seen


    Wohoooooooooo.pta nhi kyu itne dino baad bhi itni khushi ho rhi h

  • Nilesh Mahajan
    Nilesh Mahajan

    Rahul mother reaction shows her insecurity towards rubina

  • Shahajalalsarkar Mon
    Shahajalalsarkar Mon


  • Vishwa Vijeta
    Vishwa Vijeta

    Rubina dilak is my favorite girl

  • Asad Ali
    Asad Ali


  • Ainee rizwan
    Ainee rizwan

    14 b khtm hogya humny dekha hi nhi abi tk big boss 13 main hi atky hvy wo shandar tha so super

  • subikshay Sunar
    subikshay Sunar


  • Shukta Saha
    Shukta Saha

    Sana and rubi

  • Mohini Kishor
    Mohini Kishor

    Rubina tumhy bara bara bara wala salam yr itnaaa bardasht kiya hyna zbrdst

  • eishal x ren
    eishal x ren

    I knew it i mean she is the most popular among the final contestants so ofcrs

  • Ami Malek
    Ami Malek


  • Ami Malek
    Ami Malek


  • Daksh Rathore
    Daksh Rathore

    Among all of them sitting only rahul mother surely knew that rubina will win, her expressions says it all.

  • vijay kumar
    vijay kumar

    Big slap on haters....

  • Evsha Hussain
    Evsha Hussain

    Rubina ♥♥♥♥

  • Bigg boss
    Bigg boss

    Rahul real winner hai bigg boss biased hai

  • chandni khatun
    chandni khatun

    I Really want to go bigg Boss please🙏

  • Sona 1676
    Sona 1676

    She is sooo 🥰

  • Alamin Khan ENTERTAINMENT channel
    Alamin Khan ENTERTAINMENT channel


  • New Life
    New Life


  • Pooja Shree
    Pooja Shree

    Truly deserving winner ❤️ rubina ❤️❤️❤️

  • Mel July
    Mel July

    All well scripted planned. All know that was fixed.

  • Subrata Kashyap
    Subrata Kashyap

    Rubi reaction 😍😍😍😍#BossladyRubina

  • Fateh Singh Digpaal
    Fateh Singh Digpaal

    Boss Queen👑 Rubina

  • meenakshi sharma
    meenakshi sharma

    Cute moment 🥰🥰

  • meenakshi sharma
    meenakshi sharma

    Rubina reaction on being declared winner was priceless and unique😃😃😃😃

  • meenakshi sharma
    meenakshi sharma

    Our cute boss lady 😍😍

  • meenakshi sharma
    meenakshi sharma

    Ek tha raja Ek thi rani. Rani gayi jeet, hui khatam kahani.

  • meenakshi sharma
    meenakshi sharma

    Rubina Dilaik is really looking like a princess in the beautiful gown. 😍😍

  • Ajay Rana
    Ajay Rana


  • meenakshi sharma
    meenakshi sharma

    Rubina's reaction was adorable.

  • Iqbal Khan
    Iqbal Khan

    Rubina:- Hain Audience:- Waiting for Yashraj to make a song on it 😂 Yashraj:- Getting the song ready there 🤣🤣😂

  • Biswas Grg
    Biswas Grg

    My happiness ruby 😍🥺❤️

  • Biswas Grg
    Biswas Grg

    The most happiest moment of my life 🥺🥺❤️

  • Geortin George
    Geortin George


  • abhilasha singh
    abhilasha singh

    Rubina is looking like a Disney Princess👸

  • Jolsna 1_2_3
    Jolsna 1_2_3

    Eeh😧 Eeeeh😦 Eeehhh🥳🥳🥳

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