Drishyam 2: The Resumption | Movie Review by Anupama Chopra | Mohanlal | Film Companion
The Mohanlal starrer Drishyam 2: The Resumption on @Amazon Prime Video India directed by Jeethu Joseph, is a genuine sequel as opposed to the ones in which characters or worlds continue with minimal connection to the earlier work. Here's Anupama Chopra's review of the film.
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    • Farhan Khan
      Farhan Khan

      y dont u spen your remaining life with me trust me i wil show you heaven on earth u dont have to die for that

    • Farhan Khan
      Farhan Khan

      i need you in my life spend you precious time with me

    • Farhan Khan
      Farhan Khan

      kuch bolegi ya chupp hamesha ki tarah

    • Annie Mathews
      Annie Mathews

      Nidaa Ly Well explained ✔️

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      cupcake in

      @Mallus Media 👍👍❤️

  • Rajeesh chandran
    Rajeesh chandran

    He is our one and only Lalettan..


    Mohanlal is kind

  • Umesh Hiremath
    Umesh Hiremath

    And that man..! That man is a classic criminal and he's scot free..

  • Amal

    Saw the movie again and again just to feel the beauty of the story and the Subtle natural acting by mohanlal sir. That man is beyond words

  • Vineed devassy
    Vineed devassy

    DEAR MA’AM , can you watch movie 🍿 “CHITHRAM & KILUKKAM” and come up with a review please


    Just imagine a mediocre budgeted Malayalam movie in a single small location with a first class storyline and Hollywood level acting with best ever climax! Masterpiece 🔥 No unnecessary songs, overacting n all. Deserves oscar nomination😎


    Anupama didn’t review she Almost tells you the story. You can never watch her review before actually watching the movie as it will 100% spoil the experience


    I hope everyone sees wat he has done in past malayalam movies,then they will tell he is a masterpiece in indian movie

  • •Suchit Paul•
    •Suchit Paul•

    I just finished reading this movie....;)

    • •Suchit Paul•
      •Suchit Paul•

      I have to wait for Mr Devgan to make a Hindi version to watch it, until then one can only read it if know dont know Malayalam :)

    • R Rijesh
      R Rijesh

      Now start watching 😀

  • Muthuswamy Saravanan
    Muthuswamy Saravanan

    Not a good review. The first half builds the tension for second half

  • Reuben Sher
    Reuben Sher

    As usual...the hindi version..esp if Ajay or Tabu come on...will do better..

  • ram bud
    ram bud

    Best sequel 👌

  • Suresh Marskole
    Suresh Marskole

    Why didn't you review film sanjuu...

  • Suresh Marskole
    Suresh Marskole

    Got to learn malayalam.... Now..

  • Harnoor Singh
    Harnoor Singh

    One of the best movies I have ever watched. Sir Mohan Lal absolutely nailed it.. didn't know much about it before this. But South actors like him are a big deal

    • Harnoor Singh
      Harnoor Singh

      @Anjaly s that's really nice. Thanks for the information. His aura tells it all.. will surely watch malayalam movies from now on.

    • Anjaly s
      Anjaly s

      He is one such a rare comination...being the most bankable superstar who rule an industry and being the winner of uncountable awards including 5 national awards and still remain grounded and innocent is a big deal

  • Ali Imran
    Ali Imran

    bollywood film makers must use mohanlal with brilliant script . he is the best of india

  • Kurian Mathew
    Kurian Mathew


  • Neerja Chauhan
    Neerja Chauhan

    I am not able to find this movie on Prime Video

    • Eliza Guerdo
      Eliza Guerdo

      It’s on Amazon prime..

  • devendra kardam
    devendra kardam

    I don't know that police officer name......but the level of acting of that officer is beyond explanation.

    • Vinoo Jacob
      Vinoo Jacob

      @devendra kardam Welcome. Murali Gopi is more a writer than an actor. The one and only Malayalam movie which grossed more than 200 crores, Lucifer, was written by him

    • devendra kardam
      devendra kardam

      @Vinoo Jacob thanks for this information I m from Agra uttar Pradesh and I like mohanlal's acting but that man nailed it although I watched mohan's movie first time.

    • Vinoo Jacob
      Vinoo Jacob

      Murali Gopi. His father Gopi was a national award winner for best actor

  • Dexter Nathan
    Dexter Nathan

    Wow.....what an excellent review, capturing all the nuances of this George Kutty saga. Well said and well spoken.

    • Dexter Nathan
      Dexter Nathan

      You should watch my review on Drishyam-2 as well. It's going to be trade with you....lol

  • Farhan Khan
    Farhan Khan

    good to see u after so long back again black blue red n pink thats it

  • Nanda Kishore
    Nanda Kishore

    Hi madam, Big fan for your reviews of the Films. Why cannot everyone review the Film like you? No words, your review is very helpful

  • S K C
    S K C

    Watch again.. Climax scenes 🔥

  • siva selva
    siva selva

    படம், திரைக்கதை மகா சொதப்பல். ஆம்! மேலே படியுங்கள்... போலீசுக்கு (நூற்றுக்கு நூறு) குற்றவாளி மோகன்லால் என்று தெரியும். DNA டெஸ்ட் ரிசல்ட் மாற்றல் கைங்கர்யம் மோகன்லாலினுடையது என்பதும் (நூற்றுக்கு நூறு) தெரியும். அப்படியிருக்க அந்த இடைப்பட்ட நாளில் -post mortem report-வந்த பிறகு இடைப்பட்ட நாளில்--DNA டெஸ்ட் ரிசல்ட்டை மாற்றம் செய்தது மோகன்லால் மட்டும் என்று யூகிக்க முடியும். ஊழல் மலிந்த நம் நாட்டில் இவை எல்லாம் நடக்க வில்லை என்றால் தான் சந்தேகப்படணும். அந்த இடைப்பட்ட நாளில் ஊரில் உள்ள எல்லா (2020 வருடம் வாக்கில் CCTVக்கள் இல்லாத ஊர்கள் இல்லை) CCTV க்கள் அலை பேசி ரெக்கார்டுகள் வைத்து பார்த்தல்---மோகன் லால் திருவனந்தபுரம் சென்ற கதை தெரியும். பிறகென்ன? அங்குள்ள ஊழியரை பெண்டு எடுத்தால் உண்மை வரும் .பிறகு மோஹன்லாலிடம் உள்ள (மீந்த) ஒன்றிரண்டு எலும்பும் அஸ்தியும் மோகன்லால் கதையை முடித்து விடும். வினயசந்திரன் சாட்சி போதும் (காப்பி ரைட்டுக்கக பிரிண்ட் பண்ணியது , etc ). இதை தவிர கதை முழுவதும் சந்தர்ப்ப சாட்சியங்கள் சந்தர்ப்ப சாட்சியங்கள் ஏராளம் ஏராளம். ஏராளம். CCTV க்கள் அலை பேசி ரெக்கார்டுகள் வைத்து பார்த்தல் நம்ம ஐயா நன்றாக மாட்டிக்கொள்வார். இந்தப்படம் முப்பது வருடங்கள் முன்பு எடுத்திருக்க வேண்டிய படம்---அதாவது அலை பேசி மற்றும் CCTV உபயோகத்தில் இல்லாத காலங்களில் மற்றும் அப்படி எடுத்தால் படத்தில் அலைபேசி மற்றும் CCTV உப்யோகப்படுத்திருக்க கூடாது. திரைக்கதை படம் மகா சொதப்பல். தப்பும் தவறும் உள்ளது. அடி முட்டாள் போலீசே எளிதாக இந்த சிக்கலை தீர்த்து விடும். இந்த அழகில் நல்ல படம் என்று பாராட்டு வேற! படம் ஒரு முழு illogical குப்பை!

    • Prabil m
      Prabil m

      @siva selva I think Kerala is the state where more CCTV installed. even most of the house is equipped with CCTV. what's the whole point you trying to prove. Still anyone cant prove that Mohanlal changed the skeleton. you can only prove that he travelled. so whats the point.

    • siva selva
      siva selva

      @Prabil m Honestly I don't see a reply to my comment. see my comments in Tamil. Even Mohanla has CCTV camera to see the theatre. Then police shouldlook for roadside CCTV-s-that would proove the facts--and Mohsnlaal is a suspected criminal! The beauty is the director shows Kerala police a supersmar!

    • siva selva
      siva selva

      @Prabil m பரிசோதனைக்கூடத்தில் CCTV இல்லையென்றால் பரவாயில்லை. மோகன்லால் கிராமத்தில் இருந்து திருவனந்தபுறம் பரிசோதனைக்கூடம் வரை ஆயிரக்கணக்கில் CCTV-க்கள் இருக்குமே! அந்த சிடிவ்-க்கள் footage-எடுத்து பார்த்தல் கண்டுபிடித்து விடலாமே! ஒரு வேளை கேரளாவில் அப்படி செல்லும் வழியில் CCTV-க்கள் கிடையாதா? கேரளா அவ்வளவு பின்தங்கியா இருக்கு! ஆனால், தமிழ்நாட்டில் CCTV இல்லாத கிராமங்களே இல்லை என்று சொல்லலாம்.

    • Prabil m
      Prabil m

      Hey man Director told in interview that there is no CCTV there. and y do go for more logic in a film. Then there will not be any film out there. What's the logic behind after vijay beating up badly and getting up to beat villains by hearing a song in MASTER movie. I belive if you looking for logic there will not be any vijay or rajini movies out there. Who else will fly in air while fighting

  • Parin Mehta
    Parin Mehta

    Out of total review time of 6.45m, your 1m + time went into promoting Mubi...! LOL

  • Swaroop N
    Swaroop N

    For your information. The actor who played as inspector Philip is Mr. Ganesh kumar. Ex mla and ex transport minister of kerala. Son of renowned politician Balakrishna Pillai

  • vista

    With all due respect ma'am, it'll be an injustice not to mention Murali Gopi's outstanding performance, and without it the review is incomplete.

  • iceboy

    Tum bas bollywood film review do utna hi dimag he tumhare pass

    • R Rijesh
      R Rijesh

      True. It seems her head is heavy with the image of bollywood & hollywood films!


    Mohanlal ❤️

  • Free Fire
    Free Fire

    Bollywood can't even think about it

  • Sreekanth P.R
    Sreekanth P.R

    mrfor.info/black/vhi-i/ZqN8abqjqZt9i5U.html Director of Drishyam movie Mr. Jeethu Joseph's English interview 🙂.

  • Saheer Sawar
    Saheer Sawar

    Drishyam 2 popularity has made it impossible for a Hindi remake. Everybody has already watched and loved the Malayalam version !! :D

  • jeya indhu
    jeya indhu

    Juz finished this movie today.. yes i know after all it's south indian movie especially played by mohanlal sir so i knew it and i started it with full excitement. Extremely good.. powerful acting and superb twist..❤❤❤❤❤❤ plz bollywood don't ruin our south indian movies in the name of remake

  • Ashwath Kumar
    Ashwath Kumar

    Meena & Murali Gopy were good too.

  • Eliza Guerdo
    Eliza Guerdo

    Best suspense movie ever. Wish it was dubbed in more languages. Cant wait for part 3 if there is one..

  • Sangita Subramanian - Menon
    Sangita Subramanian - Menon

    Guys...if u haven't watched Drishyam 2 ..u haven't watched anything!!! Pls do watch.. thank me later!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Anwesh KP
    Anwesh KP

    I loved that bit of slog♥️

  • Anwesh KP
    Anwesh KP

    I watched the movie but, please add spoiler review on the thumbnail.

  • Anudeep Sambaraju
    Anudeep Sambaraju

    Drishyam 2 is a terrific sequel that satisfies the audience with its suspenseful gripping second half, but it misses the mark with the emotion and characterization in the first half. Mohanlal's performance is stunning. www.topbestmovie.com/post/drishyam-sunrise-review

  • Nujra nujra
    Nujra nujra


  • Ruchita Pittala
    Ruchita Pittala

    Don’t tell the entire story in the review. You’re giving away the suspense


    ഒരു ഫൈറ്റ് സീനോ മാസ്സ് ഡയലോ ഗോ ഇല്ലാതെ മാസ്സ് kanikkanel ഒരു റേഞ്ച് ഒക്കെ വേണം💪💪💪💪 മലയാളി daaa💪💪💪💪

  • Jubin Antony Thykattil
    Jubin Antony Thykattil

    Guys this is mohanlal past his peak. He was gold in the 90s

  • Shankar Kurup
    Shankar Kurup

    Loude drug bollywood, don't remake this Master piece

  • Vishnu Nair
    Vishnu Nair

    Don't underestimate the mallus.

  • Cherian Paul
    Cherian Paul

    Great movie... Mind blowing screenplay and gripping performance... Mohanlal' s acting is always a benchmark for other actors to learn and common man to wonder....With all due respect to the great artists our motherland has created, In my limited knowledge I have never seen a versatile and born actor like him atleast in the Indian film industry... Any role is just a cake walk for him.. yet to see any role which is challenging for him...

  • Deepti Rane
    Deepti Rane

    Anupama the chatukaar of khans n johars time to dump dud nepostic bollywood n switch to tollywood.. ( downsouth).

    • Eliza Guerdo
      Eliza Guerdo

      This is Malayalam movie from Kerala so it’s mollywood 😀

  • Aravind Mohan
    Aravind Mohan

    The complete actor Mohanlal has given So many class movies to Malayalam film industry like Drishyam...so many have been remaked in other languages...but his realistic acting can't be replaced by any other actor in our country... which gives life to the movies.... So get some good collection of the complete actor Mohanlal.... Also there are some good recent Malayalam movies which is as good as Drishyam but since this came in Amazon.. people came to know... You guys check this movies: Ancham pathira Forensic

  • Poulomi Hari
    Poulomi Hari

    Drishyam has fans all over India.

  • Ashish Raizada
    Ashish Raizada

    MY GOD . what a gripping movie i am a great fan of Mohan lal , and boy oh boy he dosen t diappoint. though in this film plot narration and screen play is the real hero.

  • Praveen Warrier
    Praveen Warrier

    No mention about the performance of Murali Gopi as new police officer!!

  • Tilak Babu
    Tilak Babu

    Best visuals from a Indie South Indian, Kannada movie, a visual masterpiece, 'Soham' is here. Check Sushupti Dreams MRfor channel.

  • man08 azkr
    man08 azkr

    Great sequel 👏👏

  • bhagyashree patilw
    bhagyashree patilw

    Drishyam 1 of Ajay was the best among all ...so impressive & elegant...other actors who played same character were so dumb & non expressive...

    • Nikhil Nikku
      Nikhil Nikku

      Mohanlal 5 national awards..nd u r judging him😀😀😀😀

    • Anush Upadhya
      Anush Upadhya

      Hatt remakewood fan single expression ajay

    • siby

      U hv serious sight issue😂😂

    • Nikhil Nikku
      Nikhil Nikku

      der r 1000's of south movies from malayalam tamil telugu,kannada (new gen movies) r best in india..also bollywood blockbuster like gajini,herapheri,garam masala,bagambag,bhoolbullaya,chupchupke,hungama,hulchal,dhol ,billu ,golmal,bodyguard ,welcome, drishyam,holiday,roudy rathore,singam,son of sardar ,force,heopanthi,bhivi no1,virasat,kyonki,me hu na,gabbar,no entry,bhagi,boss ,judwa,indian,hero no 1,bhiwi no 1etc and many salman blockbuster like kick ,ready,bodyguard,wanted,jaiho r taken from south... most of d bollywood movies r either copied or inspired from south movies..

    • Yashh Art
      Yashh Art

      Wait, are you seriously judging Mohanlal Sir's performance? He was PERFECT

  • vinod rathode
    vinod rathode

    Please no need of remake for this Masterpiece. Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood please don't remake.

  • Karthikeya Ch
    Karthikeya Ch

    We need Daniel Craig to investigate the case.😆😆

  • Karthikeya Ch
    Karthikeya Ch

    George kutty - the name ever remains in Indian cinema history. Mohan LAL sir - Take a bow from all Indian cinema fans.

  • Sandy Jaipur
    Sandy Jaipur

    It’s an absolute masterpiece

  • Alex Kurian
    Alex Kurian

    Mohanlal one the best actors in the world. Hindi cinema industry didn't utilize him!

  • Iris S. Dravid
    Iris S. Dravid

    I don't understand why people say that the movie is lagging...what do u expect...the movie to start with the great twist....everyone should remember drishyam and drishyam 2 both are not crime thrillers ..its a family drama...so they have to take time to show the family and how their lives are...and how the crisis affects their family...both are brilliant films ...and hats off to Jeethu Joseph...Mohanlal ...and the rest of the cast....lalettan poliyannn...😍😍😍

  • TheJDude YT
    TheJDude YT

    'Ambiguity' pronunciation is incorrect.

  • Md. Sahil Rafiq 1831539625
    Md. Sahil Rafiq 1831539625

    after a long time .. she used convulated

  • Mayur Panchal
    Mayur Panchal

    Not many sequels are as well made as to the first part. Here's what you get when you concentrate on the story with the same innocence and have the love for film-making. Hats off to the makers!

  • Prasad

    *On a scale of 1 to 10, Drishyam 2 deserves an 11*

  • Ninad Sonkavde
    Ninad Sonkavde

    Hello Ma'm. Hope you are feeling healthy as ever. You look otherwise.

  • Amala Krishna
    Amala Krishna

    What a 2 he 33 min 15 sec ride it was!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Best Fiverr Gigs
    Best Fiverr Gigs

    Jeethu Joseph confirmed in a press conference recently that he has a climax in mind for Drishyam 3. He also said that, If he can come up with a convincing story to reach to that climax, there will be Drishyam 3. Otherwise he will just leave the idea of D3

  • Opjai

    Case not closed. Need Dhrishyam 3. All the CSI hype debunked. God Bless Jeethu and Lalettan. Hope to see more magic coming

  • Kasturi Chakraborti
    Kasturi Chakraborti

    My jaw dropped multiple times after watching Drishyam 2

  • Essana healthy kitchen
    Essana healthy kitchen

    Such a nice movie. The best than part1.

  • vishnu mr
    vishnu mr

    Wt a movie🙏🙏... Un expected climax.. Brillent script... Any one can't judge climax.. One of the best climax of indian filim industry... Anyway must watch movie...🙏🙏🙏

  • Babu raj
    Babu raj

    Drishyam doubbed many language but lalattan acting is awesome, lalattan is acting king of Indian filim

  • Akhil J Pillai
    Akhil J Pillai

    Proud to be Mohanlal Fan💓💓💓💓

  • Akhil J Pillai
    Akhil J Pillai

    Lalettan fans pls like...

  • Suren Conqueror
    Suren Conqueror

    This film blew my mind, always a big fan of Malayalam movie...from a Manipuri guy

  • observer360

    How blessed we are to live in a country with diverse languages, different cultures, different religions, different topography and most importantly different thought processes. Instead of Govt trying to impose one's language on others, we should embrace these differences and understand each other's culture. What better way to learn and know other culture than through films of that place. So instead of waiting for these movies to be remade in your language, please do watch in their original context. Let's make this country 'Unity in Diversity' again.

    • Ishan Chatterjee
      Ishan Chatterjee

      You are spot on!!

    • User


  • jagan A T
    jagan A T

    wonder what NUPAMA would review her own husband vinod choprs work or those coming from his prouction house....she would rather shower encomiums on an SRK-RK-AAMIR movie with all its foolishness, but when it comes to other languages would ask for genuine plots...tut tut

  • Prasanth Prakasan
    Prasanth Prakasan

    Theatres.... U all missed a bomblastic celebration.....😎😎😎

  • Devpal Elangbam
    Devpal Elangbam

    Is 2.46(time) scene in the Drishyam2?

  • jaison jj
    jaison jj

    Good presentation...

  • Rakshith Jakati Photography Travel & wildlife
    Rakshith Jakati Photography Travel & wildlife

    This movie just blew my mind ...awesome thriller 👌


    Any non malayali who watched this movie only bcoz of Amazon prime

  • Aveezzz Amazing world
    Aveezzz Amazing world


  • One 4 Tricks
    One 4 Tricks


  • Nirmal

    Eeee saadhanathinu mohanlal aara enn ariyamooo....orumaathiri konacha varthaanam aaaa

    • Prabil m
      Prabil m

      ആദ്യമായിട്ടാണ് ലെ anupamaude റിവ്യൂ കാണുന്നത്. വിവരം ഇല്ലെങ്കിൽ മിണ്ടാതെ ഇരിക്ക്

    • Myself VinD
      Myself VinD

      Onnu podey konakkathe

  • Alaviareekadan Areekadan
    Alaviareekadan Areekadan


  • indian

    Now all remakewood tamil telugu kannada hindi are busy remaking the movie and to claim that ours is the original. Which happened to many Malayalam movies remade from past 30 years in all three south indian languages and hindi But credit not given to Malayalam movies and it's actors so many example one biggest Example is manichitrathazhu 1993 Remade in Kannada apthamitra Tamil and Telugu Chandramukhi Hindi bhool bhoolaiya

  • Arun Kesavan Nair
    Arun Kesavan Nair

    Guys it's not about Malayalam or anyother Languages; I feel that when a content is created let's learn to enjoy it in a way as it is created irrespective of Language or anyother things. Only if that matter...individually ( personal opinion)

    • Visn visn
      Visn visn

      Chutiya mallu promiting his lang in so polite looking . Hardly few watches ur lang films because nobody knows ur lang. If made in hindi it will reach wider audience.

  • umar farooq
    umar farooq

    I've seen this movie alone and that extraordinary twist at 12.05am I've clapped loudly what a moment it is just awesome 👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️😯😯😯😯😯

  • Female Motivation
    Female Motivation

    The intelligent movie makers

  • Satish K
    Satish K

    We Telugu people also love Mohanlal sir.. He is great actor and only hero at this age selecting best and correct roles which increases his fan across India. Watch Janata garage movie car test drive scene then you will understand how much interest he shows on even for such scenes.. if it is different actor then audience will not remember such scenes.

  • Sreenand S
    Sreenand S

    Drishyam even has a Chinese remake

  • Vik San
    Vik San

    That man is a classic criminal but he is scot-free now and Continues to remake his story in other languages

  • steffi chacko
    steffi chacko

    Another lesson for Bollywood . Hopefully now bollywood learns how to make a sequel with equally exciting plot 😬😬

    • AJ To MAMA
      AJ To MAMA

      you mean race 3 soty baaghi dabang 3 etc etc

  • Lenin chembiyil
    Lenin chembiyil

    Amazing movie. Loved both first and the sequel. ❤.

  • Nitin Ranpuriya
    Nitin Ranpuriya

    Thia is not crime this was an accident... I dont know how you became this much successful reviewer...

  • Jasiljith Jasil
    Jasiljith Jasil

    What a movie...❤❤❤❤wow

  • Kusuma K
    Kusuma K

    Very bad review . You basically gave up everything!!!

  • Dharaneesh Prasad
    Dharaneesh Prasad

    What a great movie... Thousand likes to the director and the screenplay...