Drishyam 2 - They Did it Again! | Malayalam In-Depth Movie Review | Jeethu Joseph | Mohanlal
Drishyam 2: The Resumption, or simply Drishyam 2, is a 2021 Indian Malayalam-language family drama thriller film written and directed by Jeethu Joseph and produced by Antony Perumbavoor through the company Aashirvad Cinemas. It is a sequel to their 2013 film Drishyam. The film stars Mohanlal, Meena, Ansiba Hassan and Esther Anil, reprising their roles from the original. The story takes place six years after the events of Drishyam.
Starring: Mohanlal, Meena, Siddique, Asha Sharath, Murali Gopy, Ansiba, Esther, Saikumar
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  • Nona Prince
    Nona Prince

    Thanmathra review - mrfor.info/black/vhi-i/o4qnipSijG-VoaI.html

    • Rajitha Girijadevi
      Rajitha Girijadevi

      Also watch best of Mohanlal : Dasharadham sadayam devasuram spirit kireedam Kamaladalam Thoovanathumbikal (quite a few but if you like the actor, you should watch them, other great movies in above comments)


      Watch Thalavattom Manichitrathazu Sandesam

    • Anvar Sadik
      Anvar Sadik

      Bro plz watch PAPPYUDE SWANTHAM APPOOS(1992) mammootty film

    • Pixel Distorts
      Pixel Distorts

      @Nana Prince Bro.. please do a review of "Iruvar" (1997) tamil movie.. I'm sure you'll be amazed...

    • Vijay K
      Vijay K

      @Saumya i loved it...

  • Freind clashers
    Freind clashers

    11:09 No he remebered that because that was a non forgatable day for hin the day he killed his brother in law and got caught he saw the incident the 2nd before he got caught. Other scenes when policed went to ask did anyone see jorgekuttyy that night the police only said they will not remember which was 6 years ago

  • Mohamed Koya Angadi Veettil
    Mohamed Koya Angadi Veettil

    Very nice comments. But as you said, Mohanlal pulling the tile not with a magnetic device, it is a vacuum puller largely used by tile workers. As I have more than 30 years in the court, I didn't see anything wrong with the court seen, in my opinion, it is very naturally filmed. Thanks

  • prasadsamurai

    Malayalam Drishyam movie is copied from Korean movie Perfect Number is a Adapted from Japanese novel The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino's

  • Abdul Hafiz
    Abdul Hafiz

    That was not a magnet it was a suction holder used by glass workers and all

  • Moody Hunterz
    Moody Hunterz

    The reason why they kept that school guy because only way police will get the information is by way of Georgekutty's wife or younger daughter, since Georgekutty is smart enough to understand to whom he is connecting to and what their motive is and regarding elder daughter, she doesn't have any friends and hardly interacting with anyone other than her family members. So in order to look more realistic they didn't just added spy just for wife's character. Now since they have got all the information from wife's character by way of those two spies, showing that school guy character again would be a wastage of time. Regarding that witness part, 6 years old witness may not be the vital part to prove Georgekutty as culprit but if they have got the Varun's body with that witness statement then it can be considered as an important proof. Please note this movie has been shot during lockdown times and because of that they didn't had 100% technical support

  • Something Fishy.
    Something Fishy.

    Did you see the ad of Drishyam 2 while watching this video?

  • Roy

    This movie has a Manoj Night Shyamalan touch, a slow build- up and a wonderful surprise at the end.

  • RoadTOadvanced

    No he says heroes may not be lucky but they do have God's blessings

  • Adersh G
    Adersh G

    looks like they can do it again and again AND again if they need to... can any one argue ....

  • Althaf Hussain
    Althaf Hussain

    i think the story of drishyam 2 wasn't as smooth as drishyam 1 but its still a good movie Like raising the tension and unpredictable plot made this movie pretty good George kutty is a really lucky fella though


    Awesome reaction 😍😍

  • Manoj Philip
    Manoj Philip

    Watch Thanmathra if you have not watched it already. Its a 2005 movie of Mohanlal.

    • Nona Prince
      Nona Prince

      Already reviewed

  • Urvi Vyas
    Urvi Vyas

    Nice review bro 😎

  • Ketan india
    Ketan india

    See RAKSHSAVADHAM u will b thrilled and give review I insist I paaji

  • Ajay V
    Ajay V

    Excellent review brother... keep going

  • Ramjirao Speaking
    Ramjirao Speaking

    For a brilliant forensic can easily find out this crime had done by Gerorgekutty itself. But anyways, story is story, generally people don't know/want to connect in that way! Anyways unawareness in the public is the trick & brilliance of this movie.. @Nona Prince The next movie will come that the adopted child will be ex-commissioners daughter. I mean, that's how the film ends.. (a wild guess)

  • കൊഞ്ചിറവിള കുഞ്ചപ്പൻ
    കൊഞ്ചിറവിള കുഞ്ചപ്പൻ

    മലയാളികൾ ഉണ്ടെങ്കിൽ തള്ളിക്കയറിക്കോ

  • Bimal Sivadas
    Bimal Sivadas

    Now it’s time for Bollywood to create its screwed up version

  • Jaggu RDX
    Jaggu RDX

    There are real court cases which resolved after 20/25 years and witnessed in court - You know shit about judiciary

  • jithu joseph
    jithu joseph

    Have you seen Jeethu joseph's thriller movie memories

  • harish123az

    The police were not dumb about the confession. They were under the impression that George Kutty confessed under his own free will to save his family. And they knew he would do anything to save his family. They believed once they found the body, he would crack and protect his family they didnt know about the body switch. They believed he confessed out of free will so they had no reason to suspect he will change his statement in court. They knew the confession was not admissible but had no reason to suspect he would change his statement in court as his acting had convinced them he had broken down and was striking a deal to save his family, if he had not kept the deal, the police would go after his family. It was George kuttys trump card of the body switch which allowed him to confess. Else, the court would have given custody of him and his family to police, even if he had gone back on his confession

  • Jayashree Manoj
    Jayashree Manoj

    Feel sorry for a person who thinks over the top acting brings depth into characters.. to compare Mohanlal with Ranveer Singh is nothing but hideous and outrageous. Mohanlal is one of the finest actors in India and hence called the Complete Actor!

  • Neha Rai
    Neha Rai

    Marketing strategy hahaha. What’s genius is the content



  • Sarath Sajeev
    Sarath Sajeev

    Dude yours is the best review I have ever came across.keep up the good work.

    • Nona Prince
      Nona Prince

      Thank you

  • godwin cleetus
    godwin cleetus

    Buddy don’t compare Ranveer with Mohan lal Sir !!! Sounds Funny

  • ShAkKiR

    Far fetched, Old school acting, You said it all :) As long as Mohanlal earns money, the malayali audience are happy. Cinematography is secondary to us. I thought that era has ended but Drisyam brought it back. I still watched the climax twice though, it was smooth.

  • Shabin kodungallur
    Shabin kodungallur


  • Malu Shiny New York
    Malu Shiny New York

    Rain is Hindhu ? He said my achan gave me the land ? Achan usually call by hindhu kids to there father. Christian usually call there father appan

  • saurab bhanot
    saurab bhanot

    Hi, Your views on Khalistanis & farmers protests ?????? Pls upload

    • Nona Prince
      Nona Prince

      You can check my social media

  • Anju Padmanabhan
    Anju Padmanabhan

    Just watch his (Mohanlal) movies that Bollywood remade!!! Actually movies that Bollywood ruined Like Manichithrathazhu (Bhool Bhuliya) , Kireedam (Gardish 1993), Chithram (Pyaar hua chori chori 1991) !

  • Abishek M
    Abishek M

    They took that statement from George kutty because they had Varun skeleton as evidence to prove that he was murdered and they were over confidence that he can't do anything.

  • Adv prasanth Kattal
    Adv prasanth Kattal

    Best classic thriller movie 👌👌

  • Basil K P
    Basil K P

    After 2015 Malayalam film industry is booming and have an extensive audience range apart from Kerala and conventional mallu viewers in different parts of India and also in overseas. Thanks to movies like Lucifer, Premam, Pulimurugan etc which acclaimed box office hits and attained huge revenues. These movies made believe that Malayalam film industry could achieve higher returns and make economically viable to cast big things in reels.

  • picasso ripard
    picasso ripard

    Dhrisyam 3 could beVarun prabhakar coming as ghost. And George kutty already trained himself as Exorcist. 😇

  • akhil s
    akhil s

    Its our luck u didnt become an actor.... U didnt like acting of meena, its ok but dont underestimate her acting. The expressions and acting will change w.r.t the culture & lifestyle of each state. Side actors of this film is far better than leading actors of hindi film😎

  • Arjun K.S
    Arjun K.S

    I have to say, this is the best review I have seen about the movie. You really paid attention to all the details and that itself is commendable.

    • Nona Prince
      Nona Prince

      Thank you

  • s g
    s g

    Meena (wife of George kutty) has acted really well. She is outstanding as Rani. Seems like you knit picked her mannerisms that she has played only to add certain cuteness to this Rani character. Meena is one of the top actresses of South Indian Cinema after Sridevi and her likes. Your comments on Meena was really demeaning and unnecessarily insulting, which has hurt many of her fans including me

  • Andrin John
    Andrin John

    Yes mihanlal's eyes speaks it all, great actor and script writer

  • Sujith K.P
    Sujith K.P

    Watch these movies if you can 1.Sadayam (1992) The story is about convict Sathyanathan (Mohanlal) sentenced to death following multiple murders (of two adult men and two girl-children) he has committed and his subsequent prison life till death. The film focuses on his past and the chain of events leading to the crime and how a retelling of the tale, inadvertently, impacts the prison doctor Dr. Nambiar (Thilakan), who is the father of the male victim Vijayan (Mahesh). 2.Kireedam (1989) 3.Bhramaram (2009) 4.Thazhvaram (1990) 5.Thoovanathumbikal (1987) 6.Pranayam (2011) 7.Vanaprastham (1999) 8.Bharatham (1991) 9.Kamaladalam (1992) 10.Dasharatham (1989) 11.Namukku Parkkan Munthiri Thoppukal (1986) 12.Paadha Mudhra (1988) 13.Thanmathra (2005) 14.Kaalapani (1996) 15.Pavithram (1994) ........................................................................................................................... 1.Amaram (1991) 2.Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha (1989) 3.Mrugaya (1989) 4.Thaniyavartanam (1987) 5.Mathilukal (1990) 6.Bhoothakkannadi (1997) 7.Vidheyan (1994) 8.Ponthan Mada (1994) 9.Paleri Manikyam: Oru Pathirakolapathakathinte Katha (2009) 10.Padheyam (1993) 11.Ore Kadal (2007) 12.Yaathra (1985) 13.Sukrutham (1994) 14.Vatsalyam (1993) 15.Pathemari (2015) ........................................................................................................................................ 1.Moonnam Pakkam (1988) 2.Desadanam(Journey to Wisdom (1997) 3.Innale (1989) 4.Perumthachan (1992) 5.Njan Gandharvan (1991) 6.Thalappavu (2008) 7.Ottaal (2014) 8.Kaliyattam (1997) 9.Ozhimuri (2012) 10.Ee.Ma.Yau(R.I.P) (2018) 11.Achanurangatha Veedu (2006) 12.Melvilasom (2011) 13.Sudani from Nigeria (2018) 14.Left Right Left (2013) 15.North 24 Kaatham (2013) 16.Parava (2017) 17.Panchavadi Palam (1984) 18.Thondi Muthalum Driksakshiyum (2017) 19.Apothecary (2014) 80s malayalam movies(Golden Age) Directors - Padmarajan(1975-1991) + Bharathan (1972-1998)+ K.G.George(1972-1998) Writers -M.T.Vasudevan Nair + A. K. Lohithadas + Padmarajan Lyrics-O.N.V Kurup + Sreekumaran Thampi *******[Vayalar Ramavarma(1928 -1975) Ever Green]**** Music-Johnson+Raveendran+Vidyasagar Actors- Jagathi Sreekumar+Mohanlal+Mamootty+Nedumudi Venu+Murali +Sukumari +Sobhana...

  • Rajeev Aj
    Rajeev Aj

    ലോക സിനിമ കേരളത്തിലേക്ക് നോക്കിയ നേരം ദൃശ്യം

  • Best Fiverr Gigs
    Best Fiverr Gigs

    Jeethu Joseph confirmed in a press conference recently that he has a climax in mind for Drishyam 3. He also said that, If he can come up with a convincing story to reach to that climax, there will be Drishyam 3. Otherwise he will just leave the idea of D3

  • Deep Raj
    Deep Raj

    Congratulations bro...it is the most meticulous review about Drishyam2 i have came across so far. Brilliant analysis, you shall have a great road ahead in this arena..Pls spend bit time on 43years of Mohanlal's journey and try watch his old movies for academic purpose. Your inadvertent irreverence to Mohanlal will become as traumatic as George kutty's family.

  • Sarin Kavil
    Sarin Kavil

    Pls review vellom malayalam movie..

  • Sarin Kavil
    Sarin Kavil

    Bro vellom malayalm movie review plssss🤦🤦🤦

    • Nona Prince
      Nona Prince

      Its not available

  • Rohit R
    Rohit R

    There are loopholes in the plot.. I can't believe people aren't noticing it..

    • Nona Prince
      Nona Prince

      Will talk about them soon

  • Dinesh T
    Dinesh T

    Mallus adi like nammude swanthm Lalettan✌️😍

  • Aaron Henry
    Aaron Henry

    What if Jeethu Universe merges? Drishyam 3 will feature Sam from Memories. Damn🔥🔥 that's gonna be a battle of minds.

    • Anonymous E
      Anonymous E


  • Rajasree Kumar
    Rajasree Kumar

    Nice video 🙏

  • Madhavendra Shenoy
    Madhavendra Shenoy

    You are comparing Ranveer Singh to Mohanlal 😂😂😂😂. Really spoils this review 🤭

  • Navas mala Navas mala
    Navas mala Navas mala

    New actors brilliant acting this Movie 🌷🌷🌷

  • Fahad Fahad
    Fahad Fahad

    Best crime thriller 👌👌👌

  • KARM A
    KARM A


  • Suz

    Exactly u nailed it... Especially the first part was too essential to complete the movie. PTSD, judgemental society etc...

  • Shobhana Nair
    Shobhana Nair

    Superb movie. Edge of the seat experience

  • Star At
    Star At

    Seems like you didn’t understand some of those minute details clearly. The police tried to get information about incidents happened 6yrs ago was not to prove anything in the court but to get clues about their investigation. Again you can’t say people should not remember minute incidents in the past because 6years ago it was a huge buzz happened near them, so automatically they may remember those. Some people blame about the forensic aspects. The fact is, this matter maybe so important for the main personnel like the ex-IG and current IG and also for those who involved in that investigation. It’s not the same with other people like the forensic storage security and so on. So, they won’t take it serious and can be ignorant. One more fact, it is true that in Kottayam forensic office which is very old, does not have any cctv surveillance.

  • Sam Me
    Sam Me

    See his Manichitratazhu...all characters in this movie...superb Malayalam movie

  • isabel rossario
    isabel rossario

    The editing was legendery.What are you saying#*#**

  • ghostneguz

    Regarding your criticism, the witness was not meant for court proceedings. He gave the location and the body remains gave confidence to the police to link GK with the murder. After all, rest of the evidence from the first movie was in support of the fact that he visited that area and only Anju knows him. Now how the police found the body is what witness can provide. Thomas Bastin clearly told that we need to get stronger evidence to prove Anju is guilty. Or else she will walk out easily. It means they know that they are yet to acquire evidence to lock GK. Now if they use GK's confession and the materials associated with the murder, the case is proved. Even if GK backs out in the court (as he did in the movie), they were confident that the DNA of the body will prove the link. Also the court proceedings were for police custody from judicial custody. After that they will collect evidence and form chargesheet. The point you missed is the police officer became overconfident and underestimated GK when they found the remains. They thought they defeated GK's confidence factor. Also his confession scene added to it. They never realised that he has been planning for 6 years which includes alternate remains and creating a novel. Forget police, how can we think of such an idea and planning. That's the brilliance. Also dialogues going off...I didn't feel it. I am a Malayalee.

  • ghostneguz

    Meena's acting is good...If you take a less educated village lady who is very expressive, Meena has done that role perfectly. I have many such characters in Kerala. One criticism is her make up along with Asha Sharath. I felt Asha Sharath was dramatic in both these movies. Regarding Mohanlal.....He is like a Rolls Royce with Splendour Mileage. That means he uses minimal expression and yet convey the emotional impact more than a 10 page dialogue...ie minimum fuel, maximum distance...something which...cough cough...Ranveer Singh will never able to do.... whether he is playing a Gully Boy or City Boy. Yet being a huge star and versatile stylish actor, he gives the comfort of a Rolls Royce. This is coming from a guy who saw his performances since 80s.

  • Durga Prasan
    Durga Prasan

    To understand Mohanlals acting, you need to understand the Malayalam language and the culture of its people. It's a bit difficult especially for people from North, but even among South Indian states, Kerala has a very laid-back culture in sense of pace of life, and nobody embodies it in his or her acting as much as Mohanlal. So one can understand when you say you didn't like his acting in older films. For us keralites, his older films are equally big encyclopedia of acting, if not more.

  • Copper Sulphate
    Copper Sulphate

    I havnt seen a better analysis of this movie..hats off!

  • Krishna dasbabu
    Krishna dasbabu

    Any way technology helps north people can also enjoy southern films and go for reality check whether it's worth or not!!

  • Kut San
    Kut San

    ആദ്യമായി നൊണ പ്രിൻസ് സത്യങ്ങൾ പറയുന്ന്നു... എല്ലാം ആ 4ക്ലാസുകാരന്റെ കളി

  • Jacob Thomas
    Jacob Thomas

    It is a best movie

  • praveen gopinath
    praveen gopinath

    Nice sum up. One more issue I feel with the movie is, once the bones were recovered, he was with the family, and then they were taken away. He didn't get time to go, drink with the Watchman swap the bones burn them and then keep them at the house of the priest.

    • Nona Prince
      Nona Prince

      He did it before police arrived to get them, remember when he got know police has the bones he went to the office

  • Elbin Poulose
    Elbin Poulose

    Side actor is not good.... Eeswara antony ser ne aakum udheshiche😂😂

  • Kavitha K
    Kavitha K

    Are u serious? Comparing Mohanlal with ranveer. Mohanlal is one of the finest actors of the world. Being a thamzhilan i would even dare to say he is better actor than kamalhassan . Comparing him with rancher is so stupid

  • uthaman Odamvalappil
    uthaman Odamvalappil

    Maniratnam- "i wont cast him anymore, i almost forgets to say cut in the scenes " Mohanlal is a very different and unique actor thus it's obvious that people who are conditioned watching and enjoying other actors will defenitly feel what is there in mohanlal? So leading them to judge his acting but mohanlal himself conceives acting differently,before getting there let me explain you something Imagine some one places a camera facing you in your room And taking that footage of your natural reactions to some one and faking that its your acting most probably they would say the acting is good but not great,the reason for such a reaction is the fact that acting in cinema is not completely based on reality it has some shades of the reality and the way actor sees the character,the actors mind,him improvising it and many more thing (explaining it intellectually is vague) it can be interpreted that acting in cinema is some times different from our reactions in real world and reality most actors like kamal hassan and fahad fazils method on a BASIC level is observing the emotional change and facial reaction in them and bringing that to screens this requires them deciding how the character should be etc,etc But mohanlals act is extremely different and difficult for us to decode mohanlal in an interview with john Brittas said that he sees acting as""the highest form of meditation"" mostly he takes very few retakes his acting is exactly like you placing a camera in front of a man's face so analysis of his acting would be foolishness so as comparing him to other the only way to enjoy his acting is"" to just looking at him""" why looking looking into his face, because humans have mirror neurons which enables them to reflect others facial expression and emotions this is the most important part of human beings non verbal communication mohanlas acting being this close to reality it should be perceived in a way how we sees our fellow human beings but most of human beings potent to reflect others emotions are weakening mainly due to the influence of phones and self centeredness and extreme self love that social media promotes and thanks to their algorithm the attention span of people are getting worse this leads to a society which loves vibrancy this is the reason why a mass film is selling more than a slow pace philosophical film its effect can be seen in the liking for vibrant acting (the reason is not completly because of short attention span but also the evolution of acting)many critics are more impressed by vibrant acting moments also watching with subtitles will obviously lead you to be impressed by vibrant acting so getting it back to mohanlal, just look at him dont care about subtitle dont think about stuff like mirror neurons or reflection just keep it simple just rewatch his movie that you Watch earlier just for his acting dont care about subtitles just look at him

  • AB Craft D
    AB Craft D

    Trishyam 1, Trishyam 2 is a milestone in Mohanlal's cinematic career. Weldon Jeethu Joseph.

  • Fazi Moham fazil
    Fazi Moham fazil

    Now in kerala every one try to find only loopholes of drishyam2 and trying to become over smart.

  • Surajith Kottekkaran
    Surajith Kottekkaran

    Hi. Nice to listen from a young Sardar !! Yet to watch the movie. Have you reviewed Kamalhassan's Tamil version of Drisyam ? Tamil dialogues were bit stronger than the Malayalam. Anyway, with your review around, can't wait to watch it any more.

  • Rajkrishnan Venugopal
    Rajkrishnan Venugopal

    ur review is just awesome

    • Nona Prince
      Nona Prince

      Thank you

  • Jjjish Janardhanan
    Jjjish Janardhanan

    Our own....kerala's pride Mohanlal n jeethu Joseph....

  • Santosh Goyal
    Santosh Goyal

    ur statement that one thing i didnt like that law was not followed very well. U R TOTALLY WRONG. Go and watch movie once again

  • P C Shinoj Puthanpurakkal
    P C Shinoj Puthanpurakkal

    Why George kutty Done this all ......?? Because he was an orphan and no relative's .................🔥🔥 ..............🔥🔥🔥 .............❤️❤️

  • Navdeep Sachdeva
    Navdeep Sachdeva

    I watched DRISHYAM MALAYALAM first to connect with George kutty. than watched DRISHYAM 2 ... George kutty .... MOHANLAL is simply superb JEETU JOSEPH_ HATS OFF TO YOU #FAN OF SOUTH INDIAN CINEMA.

  • Arjun Krishna
    Arjun Krishna

    Mohanlal ❤️

  • Ample List
    Ample List

    Thank God jeethu joseph became a director. Otherwise he would become a criminal. He is a classic criminal.

  • samyuktha prasanan
    samyuktha prasanan

    I loved the fact that everything, the characters, plot, dialogue, everything was perfect and nothing seemed force fitted. Literal chills and the best part was that the entire family was so relatable. Teenage drama and all that. Such a masterpiece.

  • Jayan Kalarickal
    Jayan Kalarickal

    In the scene where the elder daughter gets upset hearing police siren, look at lals hands doing the acting on her shoulders...!!

  • Sujatha K Menon
    Sujatha K Menon

    You forgot to talk about the colours in the movie. Most of the time greyish blue, light blue black or grey were worn by the artists reemphasising on the grey mood of the storyline. Good job. Loved your feedback

  • rohith MR
    rohith MR

    Stil u don't know Mohanlals acting caliber. You just try to watch his old movies then u can understand he is a complete actor 🤩

  • Madhavi Kkutty
    Madhavi Kkutty

    Great review..

  • anup umesh
    anup umesh

    I would also recommend movies 'Kireedam' and its sequel 'Chenkol' to understand what Mohanlal is all about. All supporting actors equivalent to the main character. That is what Malayalam movies all about.

    • Nona Prince
      Nona Prince

      Already reviewed

  • anup umesh
    anup umesh

    you talked about younger daughters boyfriend - if you haven't noticed his family and Cop's (Murali Gopi's) family are like family friends and the Cop(Murali Gopi) kind of have asked him to connect with younger daughter in the name of short film and so to get a loop hole for that case. That was the whole reason why that family catch up scene and also to let the audience know that investigation is going in all possible ways to solve this case. Please watch that scene again and you can probably get why that boys character is placed and how he is linked with the cop.

  • PwnageSec

    "Drishyam Universe" .... Thank you so much for that word bro...❤️❤️❤️

  • Rool R
    Rool R

    You are right! Initially I thought it’s going down a bit and end up dam squib ! But last 40 minutes are really sky high!!

  • sebinstanley

    Ahem... the defense lawyer did briefly mention going to high court, changing court can be expected in D3...

  • Sreejith S Kurup
    Sreejith S Kurup

    I know you are wondering now!!! Because of 'The complete actor' MOHANLAL & JITHU JOSEPH🥰

  • Akhil Kumar
    Akhil Kumar

    Hello any Malayalii

  • Aadhil NA
    Aadhil NA

    Our lalettan.

  • nikhil thoppil
    nikhil thoppil

    4.35 I don't think that the Advocate is grave digger's daughter. The present living status of grave diggers and Advocate doesn't match. Advocate was shocked hearing that the DNA match negative. So she is not aware of georgekutty's entire plan. And why unnecessarily adding another loophole.

  • Vinuraj R
    Vinuraj R

    By the way how many Mohan Lal movie you have watched to evaluate his acting and Ranbir is a pretty good actor but don't come up with your comparison because Mr.Mohanlal is in a different league

  • സന്ദീപ് ആഷിയാന
    സന്ദീപ് ആഷിയാന

    Malayali daa💚😍

  • Nazeen N N
    Nazeen N N

    Drishyam 3 is confirmed.

  • Sibin Chandran
    Sibin Chandran


  • Ranjith

    To know why Mohanlal is regarded as one of the finest actors not in India but throughout the world is the way he emotes complex expressions. You can see that when he is telling a fake story to the IG when he was interrogated by the police. Finally, there is a scene when he walks out of the court convict free, He never looks into the IG's eyes but at the same time, he is pretty much determined that " I am not doing all these to prove I am a brave guy or intelligent, rather My family was forced into this mess, I would go to any extent to protect them" as confronting with a law officer in India will bring unnecessary troubles he also knows it. Then that looks continues to the two constables, there his expression changes to " I am not happy with what you have done but this is your duty, I understand it. Also, this is my duty to protect my family" again that look continues to the parents now the expressions changes to " I am sorry for what we have done, we were left with no options, but equally your son is guilty, but we are not justifying on what we have done" Again the looks continue to the scriptwriter then the emotion carries " I am sorry to have cheated you " ( You need to watch this 3/4 times to understand it).What an outstanding genius of an actor!! This man should act in Hollywood with Quentin Tarantino or Martin Scorsese so that the world knows what he is. Clearly in the league of Marlin Brando, Tom Hanks, Alpachino, Rober-de-Nero.

  • sʏᴀᴍ ᴋʀ
    sʏᴀᴍ ᴋʀ

    *മലയാളികൾക്ക് ഇവിടെ വരാം*