Historical Super Over In PSL | Lahore Qalandars vs Karachi Kings HBL PSL | MB2T
Historical Super Over In PSL | Lahore Qalandars vs Karachi Kings HBL PSL | MB2T
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    • Alijah Kole
      Alijah Kole

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    • Qammer Zia
      Qammer Zia

      O do ya k

    • Shan Babar
      Shan Babar

      Salam boos ya acha nahi huwa

    • Bhuvneshwar Kumar
      Bhuvneshwar Kumar

      mrfor.info/black/vhi-i/Zp57l5iUaaKokaY.html ind vs eng wow records test

  • Faisal Shahzad
    Faisal Shahzad

    No narinee

  • AZANii

    boom boom six was waste

  • Md giasuddin Giasuddin
    Md giasuddin Giasuddin

    Assalamu Alaikum( pKishtan)

  • Raj X2
    Raj X2

    All time my fav Shahid Afridi♥

  • Rahul S pradhan
    Rahul S pradhan

    It's not historical super over, it's a boring super over Gadhe.

  • saurav vidyarthi
    saurav vidyarthi

    Waste of 13mins bc.... ipl me aise majaak me hote hai superovers

  • sanchit sharma
    sanchit sharma

    If this is historic then full ipl is historic😂😂😂

    • Hapee Numberdarz
      Hapee Numberdarz

      Chal chooootiye its just cricket ismeh toh india pakistan vala bedh bhaaaav na kr Kabh sudhroge yaaaaaar

  • swagNextTuber - Boom Beach
    swagNextTuber - Boom Beach

    "Fakhar" dude pls change your name its sound something else when commentators says your name.

  • Md Zakir
    Md Zakir

    Lala ana tha opener

  • Abhay Tiwari
    Abhay Tiwari

    Psl cameran ❤️❤️

  • Ramesh Chaudhary
    Ramesh Chaudhary

    I think that match was fix. Why simmons not take single on 4th ball...... ????

  • madan pal
    madan pal

    It’s corona time and Ravi Bopara is patting the ball with his saliva . What an idiot

  • Junaid ahmad
    Junaid ahmad

    Thnx to cameraman.

  • Find Local Service
    Find Local Service

    Afridi is Afridi😝

  • Lalib بلالاحمد
    Lalib بلالاحمد

    Simmon a bad cricketer

  • Akbar ali warrich Pakistan
    Akbar ali warrich Pakistan

    Amir good boler

  • Adnan Khan Official
    Adnan Khan Official



    Bsdk walo mujhe mere 13 min wapas do😬😬

  • g dragon
    g dragon

    Love from india 🇮🇳

    • Sports Central
      Sports Central

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  • Taimoor Ahmad
    Taimoor Ahmad

    He should have given chance to Afridi

  • Rajat Habib
    Rajat Habib

    This is BUDDHA SUPER LEAGUE...sab retired aur jobbers hi khel rahe hai iss mai

  • Chikko Vlogs
    Chikko Vlogs

    Fakhar such a chutiya player

  • Lyrics on the way
    Lyrics on the way

    Fine work by Cameraman ❤️😂

  • Asim Khan
    Asim Khan

    Afridi shouldve opened.....!

  • Mufariq Shah
    Mufariq Shah


  • SMR R
    SMR R

    Simmons beta afridi ko pehlay run lay ker dediya hota tu karachi jeet jata

  • Mohd Usama
    Mohd Usama

    If Afridi came to bat as opener than this would be only 2 ball game ..6..6... 😃😃😁😎

  • Gagan Dhingra
    Gagan Dhingra

    3:02 ravi bopara using saliva to shine the bowl , isn't it not allowed during covid time?? That's the reason PSL postponed 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Muhammad Ramzan
      Muhammad Ramzan

      @Gagan Dhingra Isi liye historical b to likha hai

    • Gagan Dhingra
      Gagan Dhingra

      @Muhammad Ramzan Ab dekha ho toh pta chle na hume, ab inhone dala is saal h ab, toh jo nahi dekhta use toh yahi lgega na isi saal ka h.🙄🙄

    • Muhammad Ramzan
      Muhammad Ramzan

      Ye 2019 se pehly ka match hai🙄

  • cricket updates
    cricket updates

    Simmons overrated t20 player

    • Hasan Tariq
      Hasan Tariq

      Ind wi 2016 wc semi final

  • Cool Point.
    Cool Point.

    Pagal Afridi ko dalna tha....huhh Hate you from Kashmir

  • Zahid Iqbal khan
    Zahid Iqbal khan

    Psl is world best league

  • Davy Singh
    Davy Singh


  • Aadil Khan
    Aadil Khan

    Speed should be x2

  • Gazii Turgut
    Gazii Turgut

    Lahore Qalandar Lahore Lor lor ay

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      Sports Central

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    Biggest mistake is that not opening by afridi

  • AJ Entertainment
    AJ Entertainment

    Afridi phle Kyun nhi aata yaar,🤔🙁



  • Shashank Malviya
    Shashank Malviya

    what is historical in this

    • saurav vidyarthi
      saurav vidyarthi

      Waste of 13mins bc.... ipl me aise majaak me hote hai superovers

    • Cool Jazz
      Cool Jazz

      Yeah I was also expecting something dramatic to happen and make it a draw at least!

  • mehedi rubel
    mehedi rubel

    What the hell ! Only a mad man can send Simmons batting while Afridi on your team

  • Ashok jogipet
    Ashok jogipet

    4 yre dack match

  • md kamran
    md kamran

    simmons chutiya..

  • Armaan Shaikh
    Armaan Shaikh

    I am Indian I love afride

  • SK CRICKET kids
    SK CRICKET kids

    mrfor.info/black/vhi-i/pG-pmsuIdoWWjZU.html Helicopter Shot kid amazing bating.

  • Saleem Kp
    Saleem Kp

    Comon2020 world afridi 😀😍❤

  • cricket chit chat
    cricket chit chat

    mrfor.info/black/vhi-i/ZmeqYsVniH-oZ64.html Indian youtubers reaction on PSL postponed

  • cricket chit chat
    cricket chit chat

    mrfor.info/black/vhi-i/ZmeqYsVniH-oZ64.html Indian youtubers reaction on PSL postponed

  • Mujtaba Arfat
    Mujtaba Arfat

    Some idiot licked the ball at 3:00

  • Rimsha Baloch
    Rimsha Baloch

    Whatttt a overrr byyyy Narineee....Qalandersss.. PSL6 postponed :(

    • Namaloom Pakistani
      Namaloom Pakistani

      Meri jaan kbhi mujhme etna interest dekha deya kro

  • Hadi Mahmood
    Hadi Mahmood

    Ahhh i wish Shahid Afridi had 2 Balls to play 😭😭😭

  • Meme - tastic! Freememeskids
    Meme - tastic! Freememeskids

    Lala 66666

  • Shaheer Sheron
    Shaheer Sheron

    This is 2018 game


    Love you lala from india

  • Kashif Khan
    Kashif Khan

    I love afridi

  • TikTok videos 1214
    TikTok videos 1214

    Love you Amirrrr

    • Md giasuddin Giasuddin
      Md giasuddin Giasuddin

      Assalamu Alaikum

  • Nazmul Hossain
    Nazmul Hossain


  • Pralhad mundhe
    Pralhad mundhe

    Camera man ka toh jawab nahi

  • Badshah Khan
    Badshah Khan

    Long live lala

  • Zayn Ahmad
    Zayn Ahmad

    Boom boom ko strike dena tha 🤨

  • Mir Prince
    Mir Prince

    Love u Shahid Afridi Love from Kashmir ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Shahid Iqbal
      Shahid Iqbal

      Kyti rozaan boi

  • Aaditya Thukral
    Aaditya Thukral

    Afridi 👍🏻👍🏻❤️ was like 😢😊😢😊

  • 3020 _maths_Nitin Verma
    3020 _maths_Nitin Verma

    Gully cricket

    • 3020 _maths_Nitin Verma
      3020 _maths_Nitin Verma

      @Record Breaker mast joke mara re😂😂

    • Record Breaker
      Record Breaker

      Hamare yaha India ke club cricket ke players bhi PSL ke (pakistani players) players se acha kelte hai

  • Atul singh
    Atul singh

    Sala isme amazing kya tha

  • Basit Bashir
    Basit Bashir


    • Basit Bashir
      Basit Bashir

      Ashwin got added to that list recently

    • Basit Bashir
      Basit Bashir

      @Yashvardhan Choudhary hahaha... this sort of six hitting ability was never there and can never be, it was only Shahid Afridi, Go ask kumble or nehra or balaji may be

    • Yashvardhan Choudhary
      Yashvardhan Choudhary

      Every Indian player is better than Shahid Afridi.He only have records in domestic cricket.

  • Habib Swed
    Habib Swed


  • Textile Care
    Textile Care

    Afridi made big mistake. Because you should be opening super over. Other two guys just wasted balls nothing else

  • Momina Khatun
    Momina Khatun

    Virat kohli the king

  • Honest Exam Talks and Vlogs
    Honest Exam Talks and Vlogs

    Paise ki majboori logo ko kya kya nahi karwati ,bechare videshi khiladi jaan jokhim me daalkar cricket khelne phuche hai.

  • Ahmad Asif
    Ahmad Asif

    Boom Boom is always Boom Boom❤️🇧🇩🇵🇰

  • Shani Verma7lmp
    Shani Verma7lmp


  • Awais Khan
    Awais Khan

    Simmons puddu single leta Lala bna lita spiner tha

  • Pakistan Cricket Memes and Videos
    Pakistan Cricket Memes and Videos


  • The Realnz
    The Realnz

    Had Simmons give strike to Afridi on that leg-bye, this could be the karachi's Game!

    • Muhammad Muneeb
      Muhammad Muneeb


    • suman manna
      suman manna

      Simmons is very poor in running between the wickets. His dot ball percentage is 45+ if he scores big in odi .

    • hamza abbas
      hamza abbas

      Had being the keyword for kk😂😂😭

    • muhammad farrukh
      muhammad farrukh

      Lol keep finding excuses

    • sarafraj ahamad
      sarafraj ahamad


  • Zaid Wani
    Zaid Wani

    @0:38 "unlucky fkr there" 🤣🤣. I see what you did there...

    • FlinkZ Mussa
      FlinkZ Mussa

      @Mumdooh Siddiqui the k is actually silent so he said it legit 😂

    • Mumdooh Siddiqui
      Mumdooh Siddiqui


  • arbab tahir khan
    arbab tahir khan

    Always injustice with great lala same in this PSL

  • Tani Abbasi
    Tani Abbasi


  • Ali Akbar
    Ali Akbar

    Boom Boom afridi

  • Sumit Saxena
    Sumit Saxena

    Chutiyo..isme historical kya tha...😂

  • আমরা হতভাগ্য জাতি
    আমরা হতভাগ্য জাতি

    Love Afridi

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  • king khan
    king khan

    Afridi is my favourite from India

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  • Afroj Jahagirdar
    Afroj Jahagirdar

    Love From india 🇮🇳

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      Sports Central

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  • Khalid Khumar
    Khalid Khumar

    ye Konsa match hai KK main afridi Kahan hai

  • im looking yu
    im looking yu

    Small fact... No corona in pak... 😆😆

    • Fun Factz
      Fun Factz

      Chutiya dubai m match ho raha h😂

  • Rafiq Azaa
    Rafiq Azaa

    साले इतना बड़ा चूतिया अफरीदी के सामने सिंगल नही ले रहा

  • Shakil khan
    Shakil khan

    Kanjar should have taken single to give the strike to LALA

  • Bitter Truth
    Bitter Truth

    Sunil Naraine is known for reading minds of batsmen . Very calm & clever bowling.👏👏👏

    • junaid itoo
      junaid itoo

      Like he read mind of afridi what he wants

  • Waqar Butt
    Waqar Butt

    Love Lahore ❤️❤️❤️

  • full entertainment video
    full entertainment video

    Ye konsa psl he

  • Noor AL Anwer
    Noor AL Anwer

    afridi a player with brave heart ❤💙

  • axe giant
    axe giant

    Unlucky what


    Afridi my favourite


    Amir my favourite bowler

  • আলোর পথ
    আলোর পথ

    This mach is 2018

  • Tiktok new
    Tiktok new

    Tiktok video to see my MRfor channel

  • Sohail Khan
    Sohail Khan

    Lala good job agar single dadaita wo to afridi 2 six lagadaita

  • Games Clasher
    Games Clasher

    No doubt that this is the current best super over of psl

  • Digital Idea
    Digital Idea

    Chitiye hai karachi wale inko Lala ko hi bhejna tha open sala dimag kaha gaya hai maloom nahi hai inlog ka ❤️

  • Talha Khalid
    Talha Khalid

    M Taha RunOut Fakhar Zaman Hamari Gali K kony or rehta he M Taha

  • MK Malik
    MK Malik

    پلیز دوستوں میرے چینل کو سبسکرائب کرو 💟

  • Time Off bell
    Time Off bell


372 ह
372 ह