I Customized A WareHouse With My Little Sister In A Day! | ZHC Crafts ft. The Try Guys
We customized a warehouse in one day with my little sister lol

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Thanks to @The Try Guys for having us!

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  • Maya Martens
    Maya Martens

    I love the milk on the beach phone ngl- its soo funny and creative lol

  • Cathia Gazil
    Cathia Gazil


  • Bebo Martinez
    Bebo Martinez

    I never had a mac pro

  • Ayesha Iqbal
    Ayesha Iqbal

    2:57 the try guys are behind them

  • Scott Whattam
    Scott Whattam

    I never knew u had a sister.

  • scarlet lota
    scarlet lota

    I love art they inspire me SO MUCH

  • Rui Chuu
    Rui Chuu

    I love this

  • Aubrey Iafelice
    Aubrey Iafelice

    Ur sister tho😍

    • Aubrey Iafelice
      Aubrey Iafelice

      😌****AHHH SORRY WTF-

  • Poppy Power
    Poppy Power

    Does the king reply?


    Poooor joy by getting shouted by jake

  • BellaJuelz

    Joy is cute

  • Sei Singson
    Sei Singson

    Z h c : Michelle what are you doing? Michelle : playing with my farts. In a minute how many times l can shoot me farts o oh gee smells like rotten eggs. He he he😄😍😂😅💕😄🤣😂🤣

  • Arjhon Mahusay
    Arjhon Mahusay

    Keep it up Idol ❤

  • •TheMythicalUnicorn•

    Does anyone love how Michelle is just drinking coffee during meeting


    Hey question what city is your home town Mackenzie i think is spelled your name wrong tehe

  • Hugo Reina Rodallega
    Hugo Reina Rodallega


  • Cutest dog ever
    Cutest dog ever

    In 90 year: today I’m gonna suprise a whole bunch of people with a CUSTOM CITY!

  • Bailey Martinez
    Bailey Martinez


  • Michel Wierinckx
    Michel Wierinckx

    zhc is wearing a blackpink hoodie

  • Shara Gurung
    Shara Gurung

    i NEVER gets iphone 12 :(

  • Venus Lock
    Venus Lock

    Actually not with my little sister

  • Arianator4eva

    Zach: paint something so I can put you in the title 😂 Sister: paints a line It's not clickbait though 😅

  • CharisKitty

    Where r u from?

  • Judy King
    Judy King

    Sorry about the misspelling I’m using microphone

  • Judy King
    Judy King

    Do you know things are getting serious when the black pink hoodie comes off the HC 2021

  • Mariyah J5
    Mariyah J5

    Lol then saying it’s awesome and wowing and Zack just eating his Chick-fil-A

  • Mariyah J5
    Mariyah J5

    U look alike

  • Exøtic Brøøklyñ
    Exøtic Brøøklyñ

    Can I know Joy's age please your such a good brother my brother barely even envite's me

  • Griselda Dsouza
    Griselda Dsouza

    It was so beautiful 🤩

  • violets

    Zach little sister literally lovely and look more calm then Zach..

  • M M
    M M

    Them:wow Zach:eats

  • M M
    M M


  • Person Who Draws
    Person Who Draws

    I love your art it really inspires me to look at my art from a different perspective. Thank you love your art.

  • Rob Hill
    Rob Hill

    My brother is named Zach and it's spelled the same way. Is so cool 😎😂😝😎😂😂😂

  • Lgndora

    0:03 chill bro my whole family is sleepin’

  • Piper's squad fanpage ❤️😺
    Piper's squad fanpage ❤️😺

    My brother was like why are they making crafts if they hate crafts and I was like huh? They LOVE crafts then he said the name is ZHC Zach hates crafs and I did this 🤦

  • BTS Luv ARMY
    BTS Luv ARMY

    U guys are amaz8ng

  • Karlayna Newton
    Karlayna Newton

    More customizing a wall ina day

    • Karlayna Newton
      Karlayna Newton


  • Zareen Velasco
    Zareen Velasco

    Let's go 4M subsss!!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  • Rafaela Helou
    Rafaela Helou


  • asfa

    Zack sister Lake laLiLu 😆😆

  • Zariyah Major
    Zariyah Major

    Make the hoodie prices low because I don't got that much money just by the cool stuff

  • Manissa Kouar
    Manissa Kouar


  • Manissa Kouar
    Manissa Kouar

    I love you Michelle and

  • Asenat Asenat
    Asenat Asenat


  • Janiah Brown
    Janiah Brown


  • Audrina Walker
    Audrina Walker

    I love your videos

  • Aaron Rosiak
    Aaron Rosiak

    Zhach can you do a tuturial how to draw very good like you please$$$$$$++++++

  • Grace Lostaglia
    Grace Lostaglia

    Is Kenzie a Scorpio🤣

  • Mollie Thomas
    Mollie Thomas

    Your so good at art

  • Khushi kela
    Khushi kela

    Jezz and izzy- the cutest Viv- most talented Jake and kenz- the cute couple Michelle- cute and silly

  • diksha choudhary vlogs
    diksha choudhary vlogs


  • Elycka Risse Torales
    Elycka Risse Torales


  • Saasha and Zahra
    Saasha and Zahra

    I love how at 6:11 Zach was eating a burger

  • Serenity Martin
    Serenity Martin

    Have your own sis

  • Arianna Hernandez
    Arianna Hernandez

    Can you make a space jam art please 🥺❤️

  • Lachdog inc
    Lachdog inc

    can you make me a laptop please

  • Bhavani Manju
    Bhavani Manju

    I love your channel and I’m sub

  • Sophie Phitides
    Sophie Phitides

    Please give me a shout I'm only if you're so then since I was a small baby I've been watching your videos I've been always wanting to be shoutout with by my favourite MRforr that's you

    • Sophie Phitides
      Sophie Phitides

      Yep and the best lady Chihuahua

  • Sophie Phitides
    Sophie Phitides


  • princess Kelsey chepchumba
    princess Kelsey chepchumba

    Please give it to me i am subscribed what do i do zachary


    why did ur lil sis just leave right away lol she shy

  • Iamdalal

    The chess painting was so good

  • Brendon_ Cool06
    Brendon_ Cool06


  • Jana Miles Abellaneda
    Jana Miles Abellaneda

    I salute zhc for having a good heart, u're the best! Your videos inspired me to be more generous.🧡

  • Shiv Mahek
    Shiv Mahek

    The try guys appreciateing how good it look ZHC : eating chicken 🍗

  • sonu arora
    sonu arora

    I love your video’s and ART 🖼

  • Edward Lim Jia Hong
    Edward Lim Jia Hong

    0:04 broke my headphones

  • Rfsdf Drfdef
    Rfsdf Drfdef

    @2:48 wud be the perfect time for a thay ask you if your fine

  • Leona Campbell Fournillier
    Leona Campbell Fournillier


  • Petunia The peanut
    Petunia The peanut

    i have realized that most of the squad has their hair dyed

  • XxsimpfortodorokixX

    “I customized a warehouse with my little sister” sir she only painted a little bit of a flower and then left-

  • Spongebob and Kaitlyn
    Spongebob and Kaitlyn

    Zhc: hey guys today we will paint poop and drop it on the homeless and make fun of them!

  • the bunno sisters
    the bunno sisters

    Love you

  • Cwc fan Sokolov
    Cwc fan Sokolov

    I love try guys I watched them for about 3 years now i0and I have been subscribed to them for 3 years too

  • Zainab Shaikh 35
    Zainab Shaikh 35

    Them:woah its soooo good! zach: *eats burger*

  • Aubrie and mom
    Aubrie and mom

    God bless you and your sister

  • StoryOfTrixer

    this need to be call I Customized A WareHouse In A Day!

  • Lauren Alt
    Lauren Alt

    idk how i didnt know that mckenzie was from wi i might be rooting for her for awhile now. go badgers

  • Kayleen Osorio
    Kayleen Osorio

    Restore my school 66 Street elementary school

  • Kayleen Osorio
    Kayleen Osorio

    Do my school plzElementary School

  • 😎SKYELLA dragicevich
    😎SKYELLA dragicevich

    I am a really big fan

  • Eva Hernandez
    Eva Hernandez

    Wow zach is really nice oh and done🤞

  • Hydro Froggy
    Hydro Froggy

    Why did they put Zach king on the iPhone like?

  • Eisha xoxo208
    Eisha xoxo208

    Hi 👋 I’m a big fan broooo💴💴💷💶💵💸💸💰

  • Its brookie Cookie
    Its brookie Cookie

    6:10 haha

  • Anders Clausen
    Anders Clausen

    My sister hates you 😣

  • Artist Ally
    Artist Ally

    Ackkkk you're all amazing 😭😭

  • Jen tran
    Jen tran

    What is your sisters name

    • paige

      Never mind it’s joy they said in the video

    • paige

      I know her English name because she goes to my school, but I don’t know if it’s private

  • rosaura gonzalez
    rosaura gonzalez

    I can create humans and cats

  • guigui La MLD
    guigui La MLD

    Just look at Zach behind 🤣🤣 eating chicken 🍗 🤣 6:11

  • MrBeast TikToks
    MrBeast TikToks

    And this is just his second channel

  • Jiaqi Chen
    Jiaqi Chen

    Ur sister can like draw Turkey tho

  • Kimberly Barber
    Kimberly Barber

    i love all the arts

  • Tristan Gonzalez
    Tristan Gonzalez

    I love McKenzie she’s really funny and one of the best at drawing in the whole group

  • Blessing Okosun
    Blessing Okosun

    U guys are awesome 👌

  • Tropical Sunshine
    Tropical Sunshine

    A friend of mine is struggling mentally living at home because it’s a very toxic environment. She moved out and she’s been crashing on friends’ couches for the past 11/2 months now. I’m hoping you could help us help her get her own place 🙏🏽

  • Ferishta Jan
    Ferishta Jan

    Where did her sister go dude 🧐🧐🧐

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