I Must Win MrBeast's $10,000 Refrigerator
Mr. Sandman, bring me a Dream...
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  • Bradley Shuster
    Bradley Shuster

    Nice narrating

  • MaxSaidNo

    Wait is this how bold works No

  • Kaed Collins
    Kaed Collins


  • baloonz -
    baloonz -

    techno the pig is going to be in my fridge

  • Gabrielle Waak
    Gabrielle Waak

    Techno with no brim

  • Your Local idiot
    Your Local idiot

    Remember “training my 5 year old sister to kill people” Yessir

  • trumpetsounds

    hey technoblade congrats on 6.9mil subscribers. nice

  • Aisha Chaudhary
    Aisha Chaudhary

    please pin me

  • I do stuff
    I do stuff

    at the time I'm writing this tecnos sub count is 6.96M subs

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando

    happy 6.96m subs techno.

  • 이쭌

    Technoblade could you please able hypixel skyblock backpack? :(

  • Casey Huvane
    Casey Huvane

    Anyone notice the wither master skin

  • Julian Davidson
    Julian Davidson

    I feel like next stream He Should do a face cam Like If u agree

  • AppolloBoi

    Where are your storytime videos?

  • Sage O'Mara
    Sage O'Mara

    fridge reveal?

  • Riverthecat

    technoblade: i literally just got nuked me:TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES

  • Maja Eder
    Maja Eder

    6,9 million subs nice

  • Rick Voß
    Rick Voß

    pls more viedeos

  • Himouu

    1:13 and thats proof the world is flat, checkmate round earthers

  • Mister Banana
    Mister Banana

    Get back to the lore blood god


    Wildcat falls off the Earth, like boss

  • Enderman Eli
    Enderman Eli

    Wildcat was being stupid in the hide n seek video

  • Marina Pinheiro
    Marina Pinheiro

    I don’t really like teck blade

    • Ashfer2

      Then why are you here?? Lol

  • Krish Subra
    Krish Subra

    Techno you gonna accept the offer from dream for a manhunt?

  • Ben Joe
    Ben Joe

    How was ranboo in water?

  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl

    Techno at 6.9 mil

  • Melissa Johnson
    Melissa Johnson

    Aaaaayyyyy 6.96 mil subs 👌

  • sans the skeleton
    sans the skeleton

    my fried "loser" loves your vids so i hope you make more content to make her happy

    • Crying like a Loser
      Crying like a Loser


  • The Guy
    The Guy

    "Even if I lose, I win." - Technoblade 2021

  • Loitersake

    I just imagine mr.beast holding everyone hostage to do these videos

  • Alex

    Saw in your Skyblock stream that you are looking for a new Mic etc. and that you don't know much about it yourself. I know a bit about mics and stuff and could give you some recommendations. If you are looking for a simple plug and play USB Mic that has a great sound the best option is the shure mv7 it's basicly the USB version of Philzas and Tubbos Mic. It even has some simple software configurations which can do quite a lot for a better sound. But there is also the normal Shure SM7B for that you'd also need a cloudlifter and a basic interface like a Scarlet Solo. And if you don't want to spend quite that much the Rode Procaster is about half of the price of the Shure and has a great sound. But you'd still need the cloudlifter and the interface. Those are all dynamic mics so they won't pic up Keyboard and Mouse sounds quite as much.

  • Jedi 6666
    Jedi 6666

    Petition to have techno play with his sister again!

  • Tec PhIn
    Tec PhIn

    I love how when technoblade goes serious he loses

  • Karl cedric Mongis
    Karl cedric Mongis

    Techonoblade more like techono pig!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Dream


    • AnonTRP

      Man really made a whole new account just to chat shit 😂😂😂

  • Gacha Angel
    Gacha Angel

    So you are telling me the enderman hid underwater

  • Volticslayer

    When you relize that techno didn’t get a 5k fridge becouse mr beast said if you win

    • Volticslayer

      Can’t disagree with that

    • Ashfer2

      I mean, if Mr. Beast didnt realize that, who was Techno to correct him lmao

  • vltsm

    Philza is typing an offer for a fridge...

  • Caleb 360 Games
    Caleb 360 Games

    Minecraft nerd lol

  • Jim Cor
    Jim Cor

    Let’s get this vid to 10 mil views

  • Viggo Romana
    Viggo Romana

    Technoblade: against dream goes 1 percent Technoblade: against mr beast in hide and seek goes 99 percent

  • Theperfectgamer

    OMG that scared me

  • vandana singh
    vandana singh

    I hate you

    • Alexandru Petrea
      Alexandru Petrea

      I hate you

    • Aj's video
      Aj's video

      I hate you

  • Molly Francisco
    Molly Francisco

    I went to the safest place I know ✨AFGHANISTAN✨

  • Grey Gacha
    Grey Gacha


  • Dumb blue creeper 111
    Dumb blue creeper 111

    Hey Tecnoblade, I really need to thank you for being who you are. You are the main reason I play Minecraft. You inspired me and millions of people. Have a good day😁

  • yahya mohommed
    yahya mohommed

    Congrats on 6.96M subscribers

  • 05 - Council Member 05 - 13
    05 - Council Member 05 - 13

    Keep this type of content up and we’ll have to take you to the foundation as SCP - Pig

  • Zina Mino
    Zina Mino


  • Meme Producktionz
    Meme Producktionz

    the amount of subs hes at tho

  • Elite FBI Juggernaut
    Elite FBI Juggernaut

    Techno do a wynncraft review its gonna be good you gonna steal grian's clout

  • blitdz gaming
    blitdz gaming

    I DONT like jou jou are worthless and an awfull person i was about to win in egg wars and then jou killed me even Carl is better in minecraft P.V.P then you

  • Agnes Tjandra
    Agnes Tjandra

    I love u

  • Nightmare Shadow
    Nightmare Shadow

    Technoblade will always get a w somehow

  • Xavier White
    Xavier White

    Hey look at 3:05 if you look closely you can see a orange block go across the screen, I think it’s a invisible admin

  • Tunasalmon

    When will techno realise skyblock made him president

  • Goldenaholic

    6.9m subs

  • Peemliketurtle

    6.96 Million sub :L

  • Brawl Guys
    Brawl Guys

  • IcyMines

    How many contests have u done on top of the championships? Techno: *yes*


    a syndicate is a commune fun fact :D

  • CrayCray Mose
    CrayCray Mose



    Technoblade: TECHNO BLADE NEVER DIESSSSSS *Accidentally throws a ender pearl in half a health* technoblade: oh f4ck... *Dies* Tommy: BUAHAHA

  • Mayank Sethi
    Mayank Sethi

    Only OGs renember when techno was a commentry channel

  • Bertram bak
    Bertram bak

    A kid beedet you in kills

  • Mouayed PlayZz
    Mouayed PlayZz

    Yeah, shame on u fundy

  • Danute Hassan
    Danute Hassan

    You losttt

  • Harley youtube
    Harley youtube

    Make a vid on the dream amp again

  • Harley youtube
    Harley youtube

    Your a legend


    I love how you didn't linked fundy.

  • X T R
    X T R

    why is their a clip option

    • X T R
      X T R

      @Ashfer2 oh thx btw

    • Ashfer2

      Its a new youtube feature he's trying. He mentioned it a few streams ago.

  • Case 2_0
    Case 2_0

    I was just playing among us with a person named Gracie. We were banned before we could exchange contact stuff. My in game name was Urza.

  • arman ojha
    arman ojha

    I want Face Cam, next time .🤔

  • 黃子健


  • Watabotel

    Were just gonna ignore Wither master technoblade?

  • Paco Gamer
    Paco Gamer

    Tommy has more subcribers than you because hes funnier and a beter youtuber

    • Ashfer2

      Nah, its actually bc Techno wasn't uploading lmao. Doesn't mean Tommy's not a good MRforr, but those aren't the reasons, and it is also your opinion. I actually don't really like watching Tommy solo tbh, his character is just too much. Techno was still keeping up consistently ahead, but then didn't stream or post a video for a while lol. Also side note. Techno doesn't really care tbh.

    • Aaron Walters
      Aaron Walters


  • Miguel Go
    Miguel Go

    Hello I am Techno blade I would do anything for a fridge

  • Luna A
    Luna A

    nearing 9m but have you gotten the fridge 🤣

  • Blazed Ember
    Blazed Ember

    First techno vid I watch wish me luck Edit: 10/10 would watch again

  • Mystical CactusTwT
    Mystical CactusTwT

    I wanted either fundy techno or ranboo to win

  • denisa tremblay
    denisa tremblay

    You okay?..

  • Yoshikage Kira
    Yoshikage Kira

    Technoblade can really tryhard in anything huh

  • DannyJ

    What's shocking is that, if Techno didn't move in the water at the last minute He could have POSSIBLY won

  • EliteTheEpic

    Tecnno why you mean to Dream why he homless

  • Jackson Robinette
    Jackson Robinette

    technoblade i found your cousen inosuke is in demon slayer bye.

  • Mr X
    Mr X

    Techno i challenge you to pvp dream might not be good but i am a god at pvp and i am never going to lose to a farmer accept the fight if you dare pig

    • Jesse


  • Vioborate

    everyone talking about how techno barely uploads but what about pipularmmos??? 🤔

  • TimmyTube_9

    do more food wars i love thos ones like if you agree

  • TimmyTube_9

    your better than dream i loved him and i watched your potato war do more food war

  • Casey Hernandez
    Casey Hernandez

    are we just not gonna ask why he wanted such an expensive fridge 😭

    • Ashfer2

      Why not?

  • I Froot
    I Froot

    woah they added clips to yt

  • v Glitchy rose v
    v Glitchy rose v


  • Olek Yurkievych
    Olek Yurkievych


  • Gamebuoy Abhay
    Gamebuoy Abhay

    Bro please upload origins smp

  • Starlie Girls Club
    Starlie Girls Club

    6:28 *YES*

  • Brian Sanchez
    Brian Sanchez

    Hope u and ur family is ok since I just found out I got doxxed

  • Dragon B
    Dragon B

    Come back Techno we miss you

    • Dark Helmet
      Dark Helmet

      He has been gone for 1 week

  • Radley Rivera
    Radley Rivera

    This is fake, Techno never dies

  • toastlover92 yt
    toastlover92 yt

    Techno my friends bet me 50 dollars that I can get you on our personal chat can you please respond

  • Zack Playz
    Zack Playz

    Your masterpiece is weird