Hey guys! Hope y’all are doing great! So I made a travel vlog while I was shooting for 2 of my music videos in Rajasthan in the month of January! I’m so in love with this place. I hope you guys like it! Do like, comment, share and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already! Promise I’ll be more active! Love you all take care ❤️😘

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    Taslim Efat

    may aapke bahut bada fan hun may Bangladesh hun aapka Serial Aladin Mey Roj Dekyti hu Ek show bi may miss nahe kiya aap Kewu chala gaye Aladin se plz may Bangladesh se hun Mere comment ka answer dijiye appa🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Taslim Efat
    Taslim Efat

    Appa aapke Jaise Mere girlfriend tha bilkul aapke Jaise pura aapke Jaise dhakte thay

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    Badi aayi vlog banane wali .2 codi ki celibreti he tu

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    Avneet dii app bhot cute ho

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    Maam Aap Real Legend hai.Aap bahoot hi beautifull aur real Vidoes banati hai.Aur Aap really positive era ki Spiritual leader hai.

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    Oya narakai

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    What is your religion?

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    What song

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    I am from Rajasthan,jaipur💜

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    Hlo avneet will you merri me

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    Please do any challenge with siddhartha nigam If anyone like to please like it


    Ye place bhi di aapki tarah hi beautiful hai 😘😘

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    Hi ma'am I love all your vediod


    App kitni style dekhati hi vo to kuch hai nhi 😂


    Avneet 🖤

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    helo di me bi Jodpur sa hu

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    I live in bikaner dede

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    I live in Mount Abu but proper is from Jodhpur Rajasthan

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    Mein bhi jaa rkhi hoon nahargarh kile mein

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    We ll never let sidneet break

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    This is the most boring vlog i have ever seen

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    You didn't show Mewar Fort .

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    Nisar Khan

    Avneet didi after leaving aladdin you promised that you will work with siddhartha nigam what about it?? Like if you want them work together #Sidneetforever #alasmin


    Please hindi ma to bolo हम Indian hai❤️

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    mimi mimi

    Hi Avnette Kaur I want everyone to read my words or try to help me get it across to Avnit. I just want to tell you that you have many, many Arab followers, and I am one of them, can you compass your videos to English or speak English only because we do not understand Hindi? I love you so much and I hope you can read my comment or reach you. Follow you from Algeria

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    I just love acomplished

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    Happy avneet with goofiness is all we need

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    avneet, you came to rajasthan ...I was very happy but plz come in ajmer next time when you visi coz am an avneetian from ajmer plz plz...and btw avneet kaur has a boyfriend hh?! can anybody tell

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    Aap Rajasthan me nagaur to aaye hi nahi 😥yha prr sab aap ke fan h

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    It's not prasthan kijiye it's padhariye , prasthan kijiye means jaaiye

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    Love from rajasthan jhunjhunu 🤗🤗


    Jokey boy ko to nhi dikhya shoot pe .. Jokey boy means .. akull 😂😁

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    Prakruti Parmar

    Where is the dialogue This is your girl avneet

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    Avneet said that she have boyfriend 😭


    Hello aveent DiDi

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    Madam hamare yahan Marwari chalti hai English nahi .

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    saksham shrivastava

    I think she should speak in hindi in her vlogs because most of her audiance is hindi speaking people , By speaking in hindi she can connect with the audience more nicely...👍

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    You look like Alia bhat

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    I am from rajasthan and I am rajput

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    24 hrs no makeup challenge plz

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    Do not so your body parts instagram

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    My comments

    Avneet why are you act a new fame with sidharth nigam Iam waiting ❤️😊

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    Aamna ahmed

    dude i bet 90% of the views are given by 10-12 years avneet stans like guys she have done her life with tiktok and everything and you guys follow her these are those kids who are inspired by her and become tiktoker in the end guys kiddo thats your studying age studyyy

    • Aamna ahmed
      Aamna ahmed

      @Radha Bhattarai no i dont why would i like them?

    • Aamna ahmed
      Aamna ahmed

      @Srishti Rajani you get offend really quick i see it anyway i have learned never to hurt somebody by anything so watch it for entertainment or anything else its your life do whatever you want TPWK

    • Srishti Rajani
      Srishti Rajani

      @Aamna ahmed first don't call me babe. And what one thing? People can watch these things for entertainment as well.

    • Aamna ahmed
      Aamna ahmed

      @Srishti Rajani never said that babe just but she is one of them and if you wanna do this its your life do whatever you want but life is one thing

    • Srishti Rajani
      Srishti Rajani

      Hey I'm above 18 who's watching her video.. Ab bolo what's the issue with watching her videos and reels? Is she the only one posting reels on Instagram?

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    Zubaida P

    Who is dislike the video I think sidashians I am sidneetian

  • Pooja Rao
    Pooja Rao

    Everything is cool but why is no one wearing a mask? WHY ISN'T SHE WEARING A MASK? Being an actress when you say to everyone to maintain social distancing why aren't you doing that?🙄

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    Narayan Singh Naruka

    Agli baar jodhpur please

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    Surovi Chakraborty 10C 37

    The most weird thing.. I don't think anyone noticed: She ended the vdo all of a sudden. She forgot to say us to like, share and subscribe to her channel 🤦‍♀🤷‍♀

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    Surovi Chakraborty 10C 37

    6: 24 SO GAAAIZZZ AVNEET KAUR HAJ A BOIIIII PHRAND!!!🤣🤣🤣 #SidneetVibesComing

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    amrita ganesh gupta art

    Your hair is cool 😍❤

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    Pls watch dekhe saare khwaab and kinne salan baad we need to increase the veiws

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    You are best di I am starmaker neha

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    MRfor hi mila chu**yapa karne ke liye😑 Instagram bhi toh tha even Facebook was alive to handle you Or you'll have created one account on every legal social media app Right?? Gadhee!

    • ÅĶĶŰ

      @Radha Bhattarai I watch the video to demotivate towards what they are doing,,just for going against them ,,,,,,,basically to comment them what I've already written on what you commented on me You gotta problem with it But I can't help you with it😑 And ask your celebrities why they are giving me the reason to insult them Why don't you??

    • Radha Bhattarai
      Radha Bhattarai

      Haters agar ITNA hi problem hai to video dekhte hi kyu hoo aur subscribe and follow mat Karo Uske accounts par .

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    Yukti Trivedi

    How edit your video

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    Aditi Z

    Imagine a heart from Avneet Didi by the way love your videos

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    Make a video on your study


    Di please share a vlog on what you do in your free time

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    Avneet sidneet is forever and will stay forever

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    Hy my name is noor I am form pakistan and I am big fan of you ap ko pta ha kubhi kubhi to ap mery supny ma ati ho😄🤣 ma baki fans ki thrha nhi hon ma ap ke crazy fan ho 😄🤣 on I am old 11 please ap meri friend bun jao stay safe stay home 🏡💗💗😘

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    smart santhosh

    Do u know south indian language tamil

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    How you edit your video

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    Love you avneet kaur ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Laya Preamdas

    Hello sister avni

    • Laya Preamdas
      Laya Preamdas

      I think anybody liked my comment right who is it I want a reply☺

    • Laya Preamdas
      Laya Preamdas


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    Parami Dhananjani

    sidneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet we love uuuuu

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    M S perera

    Avneet please tell me Who is your boy friend

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    Dudi apki aur sid bhaiya ki jodi bhut achi lgti h mujhe jinko jinko achi lgti h like kro comment ko❤️❤️

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    اެمُـيࢪۿ 𓋜.Princess


  • It's Ramanpreet Kaur
    It's Ramanpreet Kaur

    "Kanjara sheti Kar" I understand that by being a Punjabi 😆🤣

    • It's Ramanpreet Kaur
      It's Ramanpreet Kaur

      @Vania Angelina it means do it fast

    • Vania Angelina
      Vania Angelina

      What does it mean

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      Harjasmeet Singh

      Me too 🙋🏻‍♀️😂

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    Sheetal Raju

    Hey @avneetkaur_13 please post a video regarding your gyming and all the other pysical activities.. 💖